Who we are

My name is Lisa Shin, and I am the daughter of Korean immigrants.   I am proud of my Korean heritage, and I am proud to be an American citizen.  I am a Christian, a wife, and a mother. I have lived the American dream of professional achievement and entrepreneurial success.  I am very proud to be a supporter of Donald Trump for President.

My political activism is driven by grave concern for the direction of this Country.    My parents made great sacrifices to pursue the American Dream of opportunity, democracy, and freedom.   Hillary Clinton is a direct threat to the prosperity, safety, and security that they envisioned for their children and grandchildren.

Korean-Americans for Trump represents a volunteer, grass-roots driven effort to communicate a positive, compelling message in support of Trump, and mobilize voters.  It is a response to the liberal narratives dominating media.   The primary aim of Korean-Americans for Trump is to inform and educate our communities.   The facts and arguments are clearly on our side.

On July 21, 2016, I had the incredible privilege of speaking at the RNC Convention.   My speech is featured on several You Tube channels.  This opportunity has given a national voice to the Korean and Asian American Trump supporters, who are among the silent majority.  There has been widespread media coverage, including NBC, NBC Asian America, CBS, CNN, C-Span, radio talk shows, the Albuquerque Journal, the Los Alamos Monitor, the Los Alamos Daily Post, Breitbart, Townhall, and numerous Korean media outlets.   The  coverage is documented throughout this blog.  I have been encouraged by the wave of support received from Koreans, as well as those from other ethnic backgrounds.   Whoever you are, if you share my concern for the next generation, I welcome you to help me spread the message.

The message is this:   Trump and only Trump preserves the American Dream that we want for our children and our grandchildren.   While Hillary promises to expand welfare and entitlements, Trump will create jobs and revitalize our economy.   While Hillary promises more of the Obama’s failed economic policies, Trump will reform our tax and trade policies to usher in a new era of American prosperity.   While Hillary supports open borders, Trump  defends national sovereignty.  Hillary is a destructive force to the values we care about, and represents exactly what is wrong with the system.   She shows us the corrupting, sinister influence of power and greed, over the very best of us.   She has a seared conscience, where distinctions between truth and lies, can no longer be made.  Only Trump will bring change, while Hillary will bring more corruption.   We must choose wisely.  It’s the future of America.

Let’s fight together,
Lisa Shin



Korean Americans for Trump Founding Members