Korean Americans for Trump represents a volunteer, grass-roots driven initiative to support the Trump agenda and advance conservative principles.  We’re not afraid to challenge the liberal narratives dominating mainstream media.   We will keep speaking  the truth about the terrors and human rights abuses in communist regimes, as well as violations of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, loss of property rights, and the criminalization of ordinary economic activity.

We were among the first to get on the Trump Train!  Just as we predicted, he is the greatest President in our lifetime!  Korean-Americans across the nation are standing strong with and love OUR President, Donald J. Trump!  We share his vision for a stronger, safer, and more prosperous America!

We would like to see more Koreans politically aware, engaged, and active!  We are an integral part of the larger Asian-American community that values faith, personal freedom, individual responsibility, sanctity of life, traditional family, a strong work ethic, meritocracy, and limited government.

Go Trump!   #MAGA  #Winning #Victory  #Trump2020