Omar & Tlaib Post Work by America-Hating, Pro-North Korean, Marxist Carlos Latuff

No surprise!  Congresswomen Ilhan Omar And Rashida Tlaib are posting anti-Semitic cartoons by cartoonist Carlos Latuff Of Brazil.  The Simon Wiesenthal Center has condemned Latuff and his cartoons as not merely anti-Israel, but also anti-Semitic.  Latuff specializes in drawing anti-Israel, anti-American, and pro-North Korean cartoons.  Latuff is also a supporter of the terrorist groups Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Iranian regime.  As you see from the cartoons below, Latuff hates America and Americans, and he portrays the U.S. as a Nazi state.  He truly loves dictatorships, and viciously hates democracies.

Perhaps the most infamous and hateful work by Latuff was his cartoon praising the terrorist killings of U.S. troops in Iraq. Yes, Latuff actually celebrates the deaths of American soldiers at the hands of terrorists.

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Perhaps the most outrageously anti-Semitic cartoon by Latuff was his portrayal below of L.A. Rabbi Marvin Hier as a Nazi, with the well-known symbol of Hitler’s dreaded “SS” murderers emanating from Hier’s head.  Rabbi Hier heads the anti-Nazi, anti-racist, “Simon Wiesenthal Center” human rights group, which was named after the famous hunter of Nazi war criminals.

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The cartoon below relates to the South Korean naval base on South Korea’s Jeju island, which is opposed by North Korea, by U.S. pro-North Korean groups, and also apparently by Latuff. The upper set of teeth of the “American” shark spell out the word “Imperialism”.

Latuff also portrays ICE officers on the border as neo-Nazi thugs, and President Trump as a fan of Hitler’s MEIN KAMPF.

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Some of Latuff’s conspiracy theories are so bizarre that one must wonder if he is sane.  He apparently believes that President Trump and the U.S. military are secretly smuggling Afghan heroin into the U.S.

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Contributed by Lawrence Peck