President Trump Speaks to Reporters on the White House South Lawn


Today, President Trump and the First Lady will be paying their respects to the victims of mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso as well as thanking first responders and law enforcement.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We’re going to El Paso and we’ll be meeting with first responders, law enforcement, some of the victims, and paying my respects and regards. I’ll be going with the First Lady. And it’s a terrific opportunity, really, to congratulate some of the — the police and law enforcement. The job they’ve done was incredible. Really incredible.”

Those criticizing the President’s unifying words and condemnation of hate are doing so to score cheap political points.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “So these are people that are looking for political gain. I don’t think they’re getting it, and as much as possible I’ve tried to stay out of that.”

Evidence suggests that the shooter in Dayton was a left-wing radical, but the media is failing to point that out.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “As I was saying and just came out, the Dayton situation, he was a fan of Antifa. He was a fan of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren – nothing to do with Trump, but nobody ever mentions that.”

Politicians are not to blame for the violent actions of the mentally ill.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I don’t blame Elizabeth Warren and I don’t blame Bernie Sanders in the case of Ohio. And I don’t blame anybody. I blame — these are sick people. These are people that are really mentally ill, mentally disturbed. It’s a mental problem.”


In the coming days, President Trump and his Administration will meet with members of Congress to discuss potential solutions.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “We’re going to be meeting with the Members of Congress. I’ve already got meetings scheduled and I have had plenty of talks over the last two days. And I think something’s going to be come up with. We’re going to come up with something that’s going to be really very good, beyond anything that’s been done so far.”

There’s a very strong desire to take action to ensure mentally unstable, seriously ill people are not carrying guns.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Well, I’m looking to do background checks. I think background checks are important. I don’t want to put guns into the hands of mentally unstable people or people with rage or hate, sick people. I don’t want to — I’m all — I’m all in favor of it.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “There’s a great appetite, and I mean a very strong appetite, for background checks. And I think we can bring up background checks like we’ve never had before. I think both Republican and Democrat are getting close to a bill on, to doing something on background checks.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I think there’s a great appetite to do something with regard to making sure that mentally unstable, seriously ill people aren’t carrying guns. And I’ve never seen the appetite as strong as it is now.”

President Trump is taking a stand against the rise of hate groups in the country.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I am concerned about the rise of any group of hate. I don’t like it. Any group of hate, I am – whether it’s white supremacy; whether it’s any other kind of supremacy; whether it’s Antifa; whether it’s any group of hate, I am very concerned about it. And I’ll do something about it.”


President Trump is working to ensure we have strong borders and strong immigration laws.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I think open borders are a very bad thing for our country and we’re stopping [it]. We’re building a wall right now. We won the lawsuit in the Supreme Court two weeks ago. The wall is well under construction, it’s being built at a rapid pace. We need that. We need strong immigration laws.”

Immigrants should come into to our country through our legal process and should be selected based on merit.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “I think illegal immigration is a terrible thing for this country. I think you have to come here legally. Ideally, you have to come in through merit… We want to allow millions of people to come in, because we need them. We have companies coming in from Japan, all over Europe, all over Asia. They’re opening up companies here. They need people to work. We have a very low unemployment rate. So, I believe we have to have legal immigration, not illegal immigration.”


Unlike previous administrations, President Trump is taking a stand against China.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Somebody had to do this with China, because they were taking hundreds of billions of dollars a year out of the United States. And somebody had to make a stand.”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “China what they were doing to us for years and years: taking hundreds of billions of dollars out, stealing intellectual property, targeting our farmers. All of that’s ending and they understand that.”

For the first time, China is being called out for their currency manipulation.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “China is not doing well, if you look at the trade situation. China just admitted yesterday that they’ve been a currency manipulator. First time they’ve ever been called out.”

Our economy is doing well while companies are moving out of China by the thousands.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “Companies are moving out of China by the thousands and our country is doing very well. We’re going to see how it all works out.”