Wow! Pro-North Korea Activists Launch a Massive Lobbying Effort in Washington D.C.


73회, 미 하원, ‘한국전쟁 종식 촉구’ 조항 포함된 국방수권법 통과

Under the guide of “peace and reconciliation, ” “ending the Korean War,” and “diplomacy,” pro-North Korea, left-wing political activists are lobbying against President Trump’s policy of sanctions and “maximum pressure” on North Korea.  There is a truly massive and far-reaching lobbying effort to advance a “no-preconditions peace agreement” and “security guarantee” with North Korea.  They have had much success with more progressive Democrats, such as Representative  Ro Khanna And Senator Bernie Sanders, but have been increasingly targeting the more moderate and mainstream Democrats.

If you have any doubts about Christine Ahn being a communist sympathizer, read this:  “Why people call Christine Ahn Pro-North Korean


Courtesy of Lawrence Peck