We Welcome President Trump’s State Visit to Seoul

We welcome from the bottom of our heart the state visit to Seoul of President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America (USA) at this crucial time.

We are a coalition of 15 patriotic civic organizations in the Republic of Korea (ROK) fighting for protection of the ROK-U.S. alliance and an early resignation of President Moon Jae-in. We cordially wish that his visit will reaffirm the critical importance of the ROK-U.S. alliance and give the U.S. leadership an opportunity to know about efforts of the patriotic ROK citizens to safeguard and strengthen the bloodshed alliance.

Since inauguration of President Moon Jae-in, his left-leaning administration has eagerly collaborated with the Pyongyang regime under the disguise of so called “inter-Korean ethnic cooperation” despite the outlaw regime has neither promised a complete denuclearization nor abandoned its goal of communizing the entire peninsula. Simultaneously, the Moon administration has tenaciously undermined the identity of the ROK as a nation with liberal democracy and market economy system, and viciously muzzled critics.

What is even worse is that the Moon administration is now pushing the ROK-U.S. alliance into a dead alley. While its die-hard obsession with collaboration with the Communist regime in the North is corroding the alliance trust, its equidistance diplomacy between Beijing and Washington and thereby nonparticipation in the Indo-Pacific strategy, the masterpiece global strategy of the U.S., precipitates fury and sense of betrayal on the part of policy-makers and the public of the U.S.

Furthermore, the Inter-Korean Military Agreement signed in 2018 restricts allied reconnaissance and surveillance flights over areas adjacent to the military demarcation line, ambiguates the Northern Limit Line (NLL), and contains many other contents allowing multiple advantages to the North Korean forces while shackling the ROK-U.S. allied activities. the Moon administration’s destruction of the alliance is coupled with its ill-timed and suicidal defense reform that downsizes and weakens the nation’s military capability at this critical time. The Moon administration’s denial of the democratic order, the suicidal defense reform, and destruction of the alliance, which has provided the nation with defense shield and economic stability, must be unforgivable violation of the Constitution.

With this being the case, we cordially call on President Trump for the followings:

First, we ask for President Trump’s unwavering support in blocking the ongoing efforts by the traitors to communize South Korea and in protecting the bilateral alliance. The alliance saved South Korea from being turned into a communist state and the nation has achieved an economic miracle under the defense shield provided by the alliance. Today, the alliance stands on “people-to-people” relations comprising incredibly broad and multifaceted foundations that have flourished since 1950. The alliance, therefore, should be and will be the property of those Americans and Koreans who cherish it. We should not allow the Moon government to destroy it.

Second, the ROK and the U.S. need to reinforce security collaboration in a way to show the Kim regime that its insistence on nuclear weapons will strengthen, not decouple, the alliance. We should reinforce, not reduce or suspend, joint military drills and dispatch of strategic assets in proportion to the North’s nuclear and missile provocation or the length of deadlocked period of nuclear talks. We believe this is the right way to respond to Pyongyang’s “fake denuclearization show.” In any case, end of war declaration, peace treaty, reduction of the USFK, etc. should not be negotiated out before FFVD and fundamental changes of the DPRK. We firmly oppose any U.S.-DPRK agreement that sacrifices the alliance in any manner.

Third, we strongly oppose the Moon Jae-In administration’s ill-motivated and premature attempt toward an early separation of the wartime operational control (OPCON) of the ROK forces. Such an early OPCON transfer, if any, will be like opening the ‘hell door’ leading to collapse of the combined defense posture, to dismantlement of the alliance, and eventually, to communization of the peninsula that will be followed by another killing field.

Finally, assuring President Trump of our will to continue to vigorously fight for longevity of the alliance, we wish him most rewarding and memorable stay here in Seoul.

June 29, 2019
The Coalition of Patriotic Citizens Safeguarding the ROK-U.S. Alliance