Betrayed Asian-Americans should turn their backs on Democrats – Chicago Tribune

The Democratic Party has rewarded this unwavering support with an unyielding defense of race-based school admissions and government programs such as the one that’s been working against Asian-Americans at Harvard.Every U.S. Supreme Court justice appointed by a Democratic president has upheld race-based school admissions programs in the name of diversity. Democratic administrations have aggressively supported these same programs in court. In California, Democrats have sought repeatedly to overturn Proposition 209, the law that prevents University of California at Berkeley and UCLA from resurrecting the use of race as a factor in their admission process…

Under pressure of a lawsuit filed by Students for Fair Admission, the university disclosed that Asians would make up 43 percent of the student body if academic scores alone dictated admissions. But Harvard ranks applicants on their strengths in five categories. Even though Asians score highest on academics and extracurricular activities, Harvard gave them the lowest possible score on personal traits such as humor, sensitivity, creativity, grit and leadership.The personal rating kept Asians to 26 percent of admissions in 2013. Harvard then made “demographic” adjustments that further reduced the class to 19 percent Asian, which magically appears to be the same percentage of Asians that’s been admitted to Harvard for years. Ivy League schools used similar criteria and methods early in the last century to avoid admitting Jewish students.University admission is not the only thing over which Asian-Americans and Democrats should disagree.

Democrats have led the resistance to the Republican Congress’ tax cuts and to the Trump administration’s deregulation platform.

Asians, meanwhile, run the mom-and-pop stores and small businesses that suffer the most from growing government. As court cases about wedding cakes and health care coverage have shown, Democrats have waged federal and state war on the right of some religious people to refuse to obey laws supporting abortion rights or gay marriage; Asians are among the most fervent of evangelical Christians…. Like past immigrants, many Asians first land in America’s great cities, but the Republican Party no longer seriously contests elections in the inner cities. Asian-Americans who rely on municipal government for business licenses and good schools may never meet a serious GOP politician. It would come as no surprise that these immigrants, especially those who have fled authoritarian nations, would join the Democratic Party, simply to get a fair shake.

Source: Betrayed Asian-Americans should turn their backs on Democrats – Chicago Tribune