Lawrence Peck calls out Rep Ro Khanna for involvement with N. Koreans

Lawrence Peck
gave a talk urging 150 Korean-Americans to oppose and vote against far-left Rep. Ro Khanna (CA 17th Congressional District).  

At the Community Event, he pointed out that Congressman Ro Khanna Is not only a radical leftist and a supporter of Socialist Bernie Sanders, but that Ro Is also the biggest fan In Congress of South Korea’s Leftist Leader Moon, Jae-in.  Ro Khanna has been involved with and supportive of pro-North Korean groups and activists here in the United States.   Ro has been involved with and supportive of pro-North Korean activists who have been in direct contact with and actively collaborating with North Korean Agents at the United Nations.   Like Bernie Sanders, Congressman Ro Is Also A Harsh Critic Of Israel, And Is Being Backed By The Anti-Israel Group “J-Street”.  Many in the audience, although politically conservative, were shocked at Mr. Peck’s talk, and said that they would certainly oppose and vote against Rep. Ro Khanna.   
The link below is from a Korean-American news website in the Bay Area.

지난 19일 산호세 산장 연회실에서 “자유 민주주의가 답이다”라는 주제로 자유한국당 김진태 의원의 트러스트 포럼(The Trust Forum Hosted by Kim Jin Tae)이 개최되 지역 한인들의 큰 관심을 모았다. 국민의례로 시작된 이날 포럼에서 로랜스 팩 구국재단(Save Korea Foundation) 국제위원장은 “문재인 정권은 570억원의 대미 로비자금으로 북한의 경제제재를 완화하고 인권에 대해 침묵하도록 미국 여론을 조장하고 있다”면서 “실리콘밸리 한인타운이 지역구인 로 카나 연방 하원의원이 미국에서 문재인 정부의 가장 큰 지지자로 활동하고 있다”고 말했다.

Source: 김진태 의원, 북가주에서 트러스트 포럼 개최 – SFKorean 뉴스 – 로컬 뉴스 |