2020: a Repeat of Reagan’s 1984 Landslide Re-Election

by Tae Soo Kim



The two year-long Mueller Special Counsel investigation is over with the announcement of Trump being not found to have any connection to the alleged collusion with Russia.  The faulty premise of which the investigation was proposed, started by largely democrats. Many political observers at the time believed that the sheer audacity of the allegation was in a scale unseen before for a special counsel investigation to have been constituted. There have been many special counsel investigations in the past, but the fact that this particular one was started on the ground of a most profound potentiality of charging a president with seditious acts was truly unprecedented in its scale of potent possibility.   But the investigation cleared President Trump of any wrongdoing, and the fact that democrats are not accepting the result is only adding to the looming landslide defeat which largely may have been already solidified with the same ferocious performance of the Trump economic policies, with or without the Mueller investigation.

The Muller investigation has been the central nerve of the domestic American political scene since the Trump Administration took off two years ago. How audacious the charges may have been, all the eyes and ears of the American political psyche was on it day in and day out for the last two years. While the investigation was going, more importantly, the great economic performance results have been delivered without much fanfare with the politically charged special investigation overtaking the more seemingly important news.

The problem that Democrats make is not accepting the results of the investigation.  They continue to deny the facts;  more acts and words will not convince the American electorate that they are the Party to support in 2020. The American voters are simply dissatisfied and disappointed in the way that Democrats have been responding to the special counsel investigation results.

All of this even bizarre response by Democrats is not helping themselves in how to counter the massive favorable economic performance so far by the Trump Administration. With distinctive economic policies taken by it, it is impossible for almost anyone to deny the fact that President Trump’s policies have been the central catalyst of such fantastic results: encouraging domestic corporations to invest within the US instead of oversea locations.   He has acted with strong direct and personal appeals to the corporate decision makers; encouraged foreign corporations to invest in the US with incentives, and shored up the bases of domestic manufacturing sector.   Most effectively, he has dealt with China head on with the most severe and tough trade policies in the modern era, among many others.

These successful economic policies truly have set apart the Trump Administration’s approach to growing domestic economy from the past ones. As someone with most profound and deep experiences in business and economy, President Trump’s astonishing economic achievements for the nation derived from his business experience and background in finance.   President Trump is the only one with extensive business experiences in the modern era. Most striking difference also comes from how he has been handling the economy in a complete opposite of the approaches taken by the previous Obama administration.  These were largely criticized by prominent economists as quite close to being a socialist economy.  For example, its imposition of Obamacare, forced all citizens to purchase the government-run health insurance and penalized the ones who opted out.   There have been also incidents where the Obama administration gave government incentives to companies that ran the new solar power that went no where and resulting in massive bankruptcies.

As the next election approaches, democrats are losing in all fronts, both economy and political scene. A few Democrats have charged that President Trump is only getting the reward of the good economy which was planted by the previous Obama administration, but this story has met with some strongly logical response and even fellow democrats do not seem to buy it. And as they are not moving forward with the results of the Mueller investigation and actually in denial of it, the American voters can’t seem to find a good reason not to vote away from the Republican Party and cast their votes otherwise next year.

Democrats have simply failed to present themselves with a showcase for the voters to favor them. They are in denial, and simply cannot come up with a set of reasons to appeal to the voters, both in the fields of economy and politics in general. In 1984 when Ronald Reagan won a landslide victory for his re-election, the country was on its way to a better economy and then democrats headed by its nominee Walter Mondale also failed to convince the country why they should have the votes. In any aspect, it looks to be a sure repeat of 1984.   #Trump2020   #MAGA   #AmericaFirst