The war against Asian Republicans – Washington Times


In some cases, California Democrats pass over the strongest Asian-American candidates. One-in-four voters in Irvine are Asian-Americans. Yet, in a recent special election for county supervisor, Democrats passed over their most formidable candidate, former Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang, in favor of Loretta Sanchez — who spent two decades representing a different area in Congress. She’s already launched her 2020 campaign for the same Irvine-based supervisorial seat.Most troubling of all, the progressive agenda silences Asian-American voices and blocks Asian-American communities from success. That’s most apparent with progressive higher education admissions policies that punish Asian-Americans because they’re Asian-American. If progressive Democrats had their way, they would eliminate California’s Proposition 209, a constitutional amendment that prevents discrimination against Asian-American applicants.There’s no secret to Republicans’ success with Asian-American communities. We’re succeeding because Asian-Americans are in positions of leadership. To match Republicans’ success, Democrats will need to end their systematic exclusion of Asian-American communities.• Shawn Steel, a former California Republican Party chairman, is California’s committeeman for the Republican National Committee.

Source: The war against Asian Republicans – Washington Times