Asian Americans keep winning in the Trump economy

After two years of a booming Trump economy, the Asian American community has much to celebrate. The overall economy enjoyed an astounding 3.2% GDP growth in the first quarter of 2019, and the Asian American unemployment rate, at an incredible 2.1%, has reached the lowest levels in the history of our country. Without question, President Trump’s deregulatory agenda and the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act have been a boon for Asian Americans. In a thinly veiled attempt at race baiting, New York Times columnist Jim Tankersley unintentionally confirmed that Asian Americans were the biggest beneficiary of the tax cuts in 2018. Funny how Tankersley’s headline says that whites “gain the most,” as if Asians, who actually gained a lot more than whites, according to the study he cited, are too insignificant even to count.Overall, Asian taxpayers saw an average tax cut of $2,560, which means more money to invest in their small businesses and the economy as a whole.

Source: Asian Americans keep winning in the Trump economy