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Chu fears Hong Kong is becoming just another Chinese city with shiny buildings but no freedom. He believes that the government’s actions have left young people with only two options: moving away or radicalism. “I’m afraid that when people have no way out, society will become unstable,” Chu said.Still, Hong Kong activists young and old continue their fight. For example, activist Joshua Wong, 22, continues to push for democracy, protesting the enactment of unjust laws. “It’s time for us to learn what it means to persist,” Wong recently said.After a 20-day trial that concluded last December, a judge on April 9 convicted the Occupy trio of “conspiracy to commit public nuisance.” (Tai and Chan were also convicted of “incitement to commit public nuisance.”)

Judge Johnny Chan Jong-herng claimed that by blocking the major roads in the city, “the unreasonableness of the obstruction was such that the significant and protected right to demonstrate should be displaced.” On April 24, the judge sentenced Tai and Chan to 16 months in prison. Chu’s sentence was suspended for two years due to his age and public service record. He is unlikely to spend time in prison.

At the defendant’s dock on April 9, Chu gave his final statement to the court. He called it “the most honorable pulpit of my ministerial career,” and he closed with these words:“We have no regrets,We hold no grudges,No anger,No grievances.We do not give up.In the words of Jesus, ‘Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires; the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them!’”

Source: Defender of Hong Kong | WORLD News Group