Taiwan Foreign Minister: Trump’s ‘Warmth and Support’ ‘Unprecedented’

When it comes to Taiwan’s defense, too, when asked if Taiwan is relying on the United States to intervene militarily to defend the nation should mainland China attack it or invade the island as Chinese president Xi Jinping has threatened, Wu said that Taiwan is aiming to defend itself—and that such a decision would need to be made by the United States.“We feel very strong support from the Trump administration to Taiwan and the war situation would be truly unfortunate and nobody wants war to happen,” Wu said. “But we are determined to defend ourselves and we want to make more investment in our own defense so we are able to defend ourselves. If you look at the service, it feels like China is a big giant with lots of modern military but I can tell you Taiwan is not defenseless. We have our air force, navy, our missile programs, that we will be able to defend ourselves. And we will continue to make investment in our defense. What we will need from the international community especially the United States is that we hope the United States will continue to supply defensive articles to Taiwan so that Taiwan can defend itself. That is said in the TRA [Taiwan Relations Act] and that is what the United States has been committed to so I think I can answer your question to this part—many people are asking whether the United States will come: It’s a decision by the United States, and we don’t want to speculate on that. But the U.S. support for Taiwan is very strong and very firm.”

Source: Taiwan Foreign Minister: Trump’s ‘Warmth and Support’ ‘Unprecedented’