Candace Owens: The anti-Ocasio-Cortez

Our left today has gone stark-raving mad.  Leftists have no ideas.  As usual, they want to raise taxes, punish those who have succeeded, and redistribute their wealth.  They sell fear and victimology.  They want to import millions of migrants from third-world nations to vote for them, illegally.  They have done and continue to do terrible damage to this nation.  And now they want to point us in the direction that Venezuela has gone: total destruction of a once civilized society.  They are yet again trying to sell socialism to Americans!  They really do think we are all stupid.The lovely and quick-witted Ms. Owens is a dose of best medicine.  She is optimism, hope, belief in America, and intellectual prowess all in one beautiful package.  She is a gifted speaker and a natural leader.  That she is on our side gives us old conservatives renewed faith in our youth.  It is Trump’s agenda, and how it has played out so far, that has invigorated Owens and given rise to her spectacular voice.  She is a blessing on us all, our rose among thorns.

Source: Candace Owens: The anti-Ocasio-Cortez