Asian-Americans are winning big under Trump

Now more than ever, hard-working, strong Asian-Americans are active and vocally supporting the leadership of President Trump while working to instill Republican values and policies in their communities. Trump’s bold actions have encouraged the Asian and Pacific Islander community to participate in politics. These Republicans are no longer hidden; they have an active and important role to play in our country.I have been involved in Republican grassroots politics for more than 18 years in Virginia, where the Asian-American population has increased dramatically. We have an Asian-American Pacific Islander population of 660,795 and more than half of them are eligible voters. Currently, the AAPI vote is 5.3 percent of the electorate in the state of Virginia.

Nationally, there are 20 million Asian-Americans and they are the fastest growing racial group in the country. Every year, the AAPI community contributes nearly $1.1 trillion to the U.S. economy and employs 3.6 million Americans nationwide. By 2036, they will constitute nearly 10 percent of eligible voters, giving them immense political influence.

Source: Asian-Americans are winning big under Trump