Why Bernie Sanders Supporters Should Vote Trump In 2020

Before his presidential bid in 2016, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) stated “I’ll be damned” if Americans led the fight against ISIS and opposed another “quagmire in the Middle East.” Reversing decades of failed foreign policy decisions, President Trump decided to withdraw American soldiers from Syria and Afghanistan and now presides over peace talks between North and South Korea. Do the similarities between both politicians end there?Sanders once opposed the Trans Pacific Partnership. President Trump withdrew the United States from the TPP in one of his first executive orders as president. Vermont’s senator once condemned losing “millions of good-paying manufacturing jobs.” Trump’s presidency has seen the creation of 467,000 jobs within the manufacturing sector. On trade, Sanders railed against “disastrous unfettered free trade policy” with China. Proving the naysayers wrong, Trump’s tariffs have brought Xi Jinping to the negotiating table to address a $375 billion trade deficit.

Source: Why Bernie Sanders Supporters Should Vote Trump In 2020