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Who might have guessed that already, right here in the U.S. of A., we’d be at a point where a growing number of candidates for public office seem to think it’s advantageous to refer to themselves as socialists?For all of my lifetime, that’s been a putdown. Call someone a socialist, and you mean nothing good. You’re deliberately putting your opponent on the defensive.But apparently we’ve now reached the place where so many voters have become so smart and sophisticated that you can offer them a real-life socialist—and be rewarded with a victory on Election Day. These days, in fact, in more and more settings, any positive reference to the “free market” may carry you to defeat. For many of these people, to equate free market principles with the law of God is close to blasphemy.Yet I think it’s even more demeaning to the character of God to say what many Christians blithely claim—that any one system of economics is the same in God’s eyes as any other system. To claim though, as a growing number of Bible-believing Christians do, that God is all-wise but has no evaluative opinion about what He knows is the ultimate putdown. Does God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, have opinions about what is beautiful? Is the One who created the musical scales and the chirps of the birds tone-deaf when it comes to deciding whether some music is good and some is forgettable?

Source: A flawed design | WORLD News Group