Hayward: A Wake-Up Call for NeverTrump Movement

Virginia’s attempt to legalize infanticide was a wake-up call for some NeverTrump Republicans, who muttered that Democrats have gone so far off the rails that they might feel compelled to vote for President Donald Trump’s re-election in 2020. It should not have taken something this extreme to remind everyone how extreme and dangerous the Democrat Party has become.Governor Ralph Northam’s infamous remark about making born-alive infants “comfortable” while their mothers and doctors decide whether to kill them was not a bolt from the blue. It’s not a shocking aberration or a sudden lurch into extremism. It is the logical conclusion of mainstream Democrat Party abortion politics.

Northam’s horrifying comment was not that much different from what former President Barack Obama said about infanticide when he was a state senator. Obama also waved aside the difference between human beings and tissue clumps, referring to the subjects of late-term and born-alive abortion as “that fetus, or child – however you want to describe it.” The key concept is to grant humanity at the whim of lordly politicians, and the burgermeisters of the Left have very different ideas about when human life begins than most of us, especially those of us who have seen an ultrasound.

Source: Hayward: A Wake-Up Call for NeverTrump Movement