A growing record of insanity – Washington Times

To say the left in America has gone off the rails is like saying the Super Bowl is a fairly popular football game.It’s hard to keep up with the tsunami of cultural and economic insanity thundering through a thousand outlets every day, but here’s a try. You thought Vermont’s Democratic Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders was radical? Current Democratic leaders start with his views and go further left.House Speaker Nancy Pelosi mocks the idea of securing America’s southern border as something only a bigot like President Trump would want. Hence, she and her party oppose even a dime for any more physical barriers that would help the border patrol stem the ongoing invasion of illegal immigrants. Three more caravans on the way? Ho hum.Openly socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York Democrat, wants not only open borders but to abolish the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which is charged with keeping us safe from drug dealers and violent criminals. She also backs a confiscatory tax scheme with rates as high as 70 percent, free college tuition and a “Green New Deal” mandate that would strangle industry, cause energy costs to skyrocket and make blackouts common. She’s a huge hit wherever she speaks.New York State’s Democrats last week legalized late-term abortion right up to a baby’s due date. Virginia’s Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam endorsed what amounts to infanticide after birth while defending a proposed law that would allow abortion of a baby even during a woman’s labor. Commentator Larry O’Connor has dubbed Dr. Northam, who is a pediatric neurologist, “Governor Gosnell,” after the infamous Philadelphia baby butcher recently depicted in the Dean Cain film “Gosnell.”Sen. Kamala Harris, California Democrat, wants to end all private health insurance plans and put the government solely in charge. She’s not even bothering to falsely promise, as did President Obama, that everyone can keep their health plan and doctor if they like them. She wants no escape.

Source: A growing record of insanity – Washington Times