Nancy Pelosi’s Golden Opportunity To Lead Again On Health Care

High Costs. Waste constituted 35-37% of health consumption expenditures in 2009. There is no evidence Obamacare has reduced this. Indeed a recent study from the Washington State systematically examined claims from 2015-2016 using Milliman’s Health Waste Calculator and determined that 32.9% of the spending examined was wasteful, with another 3.1% deemed “likely wasteful.” And Gallup reports that the percentage of Americans dissatisfied with health care costs is higher today than it was when Barack Obama took office (79% vs. 72%).

Barriers to Access. To be sure, Obamacare reduced the number of uninsured, but by 27% less than originally promised. Why? The Health Exchanges missed their expected enrollment targets by 43% while Medicaid enrollment was 24% below expectations [2]. And notwithstanding the reduction in the number of uninsured, the overall share of Americans who report delaying care due to costs is the same in 2018 (29%) as it was when Barack Obama took office.

Poor Health Outcomes. The most widely optimistic champions of Obamacare used a lot of statistical truth-twisting to predict that Obamacare would save tens of thousands of lives every year. They repeatedly bashed the American health system for spending so much to achieve vastly worse health outcomes than our international competitors. In actual fact, the U.S. has seen life expectancy decline over the three years in 2014, the very year that Obamacare’s expansion in coverage began in earnest [3]. Even the Washington Post concedes this is a “dismal trend not seen since World War I.”  I myself am quite dubious about using life expectancy as a measure of health system performance, but we have more concrete evidence of Obamacare’s adverse unintended consequences. A brand new study led by Harvard researchers showed that Obamacare’s Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program “may have resulted in 10,000 more deaths among patients with heart failure and pneumonia.” The authors sensibly conclude: “before we are seduced by promising but untried ideas, we need to first demand robust evidence that they will not harm patients.”

The Health Care Choices Proposal is A Great Improvement Over Obamacare

Although Republicans have been falsely accused for years of not having an Obamacare replacement plan, in actual fact there is a very sensible replacement plan that ought to command serious attention to anyone such as Nancy Pelosi who claims to make evidence-based policy decisions.Source: Nancy Pelosi’s Golden Opportunity To Lead Again On Health Care