Donald Trump’s winning 2020 slogan: ‘I’m Not a Socialist’ – Washington Times

If Donald Trump wants to win the presidency again, his 2020 campaign slogan ought to be “Vote Trump — I’m Not a Socialist.”That’s only partially tongue-in-cheek. Trump did say at his recent rally in Tampa that he was poised to unveil “Keep America Great” for his re-election effort. But “I’m Not a Socialist” is just as good.This socialism-in-America thing is getting out of control — and what’s emerging as a contributing factor is that even the media pundits who detest socialism aren’t hitting the nail on the head on why socialism, why all socialism’s johnny-come-lately candidates in the Democratic Party, should take a hike.It’s not just the fact socialism fails — though it does fail, and spectacularly so.It’s not just the abundance of figures that point to all of socialism’s failures — the current state of oil-rich Venezuela, the dismal economy of Cuba, the suffering over-taxed class of France during the Francois Hollande years.It’s not just that every socialist policy and platform put forth by the likes of Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kaniela Ing and the rest — the rest of the near-40 democratic socialist-tied candidates seeking various political seats this year — crumble in the face of financial realities, in the light of common sense. Want to see a duck and dodge in action? Ask a socialist the simple question, “Who pays?”

Source: Donald Trump’s winning 2020 slogan: ‘I’m Not a Socialist’ – Washington Times