Medicaid expansion is a recipe for disaster

Since Obamacare’s passage, Medicaid’s rolls have surged by nearly 28 percent. That’s harmful to taxpayers who shoulder the burden of the increased costs. Many states are considering work requirements to cut costs. A plan in Arkansas requiring able-bodied beneficiaries to work 80 hours a month went into effect in June. But a similar plan in Kentucky was recently overturned by a district court judge. The state expanded Medicaid under former Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear. Almost half a million people joined Kentucky’s Medicaid program — a roughly 50 percent increase in beneficiaries. Now, one in three Kentuckians rely on the service.Current Republican Gov. Matt Bevin, who is term-limited out this year, has warned residents of the cost. Consequently, the expansion could soon prove too costly. By 2020, the state, which is already strapped for cash, will need to come up with nearly $300 million. Unsurprisingly, state officials are trying to partly roll back the expansion.Other states are also scrambling to come up with extra funding. In Virginia, lawmakers imposed a fee on some hospitals to pay for the expansion. North Dakota cut reimbursements for care providers. Oregon raised taxes on hospitals and health insurance plans.

Source: Medicaid expansion is a recipe for disaster