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Right now, tens of millions of Americans – including many decent, traditional Democrats – are wondering what on Earth has possessed today’s Democratic Party.How can one possibly explain what increasingly appears to be the progressive left’s growing descent into madness?What are normal Americans to make of the never-ending attempts to overturn the constitutional election of President Donald Trump by any means possible – legal or illegal, moral or immoral? What explains the willingness to savagely destroy decent people like Brett Kavanaugh and his family with willful disregard for the truth, evidence, presumption of innocence, due process, honesty and basic humanity? What explains the perpetually outraged mobs harassing Republicans and forcing them out of restaurants, movie theaters and airports – and the constant ludicrous demonization of them as “racists,” “fascists” and “white supremacists”?Before exploring this question, let’s first pause and allow for the fact that there are many decent people on the left. There are people of conscience and principle, a prominent one being former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, who today openly criticizes – and is persecuted in return by – his fellow leftists. Moreover, there are rational – or at least understandable, however flawed – arguments that can be made in favor of some leftwing policy positions such as socialized medicine (concern that poor children get needed medical care), gun control (desire to avoid tragedy arising from criminal or mentally ill people with firearms) or raising the minimum wage (concern that everyone has a living wage). Those making such arguments may be naïve, mistaken about their facts, ignorant of the laws of economics, think too emotionally, or be oblivious to the unintended consequences of their feel-good policies – but that doesn’t mean they’re insane.However, something very different is going on now.There are no rational, sane or even understandable arguments for insisting that dozens of different genders exist, or for forcing women to allow men to use their locker rooms, bathrooms and showers and to compete in (and often win) their athletic competitions, and for forcing everyone else to play along with the delusion that a man is a woman (or vice versa) or else be treated as criminals. There are no sane arguments for importing as many immigrants as possible from terror-hotbed countries into the U.S., and for eliminating America’s borders and dismantling her border law enforcement agencies, and for creating irresistible economic incentives for poor people the world over to flood into the U.S. at wildly unsustainable levels.There are no sane arguments for eliminating voter registration requirements, as Democrats now advocate. There are no sane arguments for upending the world’s most hallowed, 250-year-old legal system whose central tenet is “innocent until proven guilty.” There are no sane arguments for attacking people just for being white, or just for being men.These and other current Democrat policies and obsessions are purely destructive. In the microcosm, the analogy would be to an individual whose life is composed entirely of one irrational, self-destructive event after the other, amounting to inevitable suicide.

Source: Why has the Democratic Party gone mad? | Opinion | Lifesitenews