The Korean Holocaust: Impossible to Tolerate


The following is a letter from South Korean patriots gravely concerned about the horrific situation in North Korea.

Dear Friends from USA:

The Holocaust was a great disaster. The Holocaust might be considered nothing more than what happened in a particular area of ​​Europe and nothing more than what happened between a particular race of Jews and the perpetrator, Nazi.
But Why does the whole world consider this Holocaust critical and shameful chapter in history? The whole human civilization universally agrees with human dignity across regions and races. For all of us, Holocaust and its existence in history are impossible to tolerate.

But while you consider this to be in the past, did you know that this same systematic massacre is happening?

At present, in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, there is a more organized and more wicked genocide than the Holocaust. This has been going on for the last 70 years by assailant, the Kim Dynasty. We now are aware of the fact that this assailant regime has armed himself nuclear weapons. This wicked regime is officially proclaiming that it will annihilate the civilization that loves freedom, including America. This is a public threat.

The evil regime started the Korean War in 1950, but we have not still finished the situation for 70 years.

“Do not give up hope,
We will not forget you.
The basic goal of Korean people is to seek and rescue our country and our compatriots in the north.
This goal will remain and eventually be fulfilled. “

This is a statement announced shortly after the armistice agreement which was signed on July 1953 by Syngman Rhee, who was the first president of Korea.

Wanting eagerly to share freedom with the Korean people in North, we ROK wants to proceed to the North and finish unification. But there was so much sacrifice of the US, so we had to stop banning the armistice agreement the US between North Korea and China.

The United States, with tremendous sacrifices and bloodshed, fought this war by becoming a friend with Korea. Even if we pay our lives for this sacrifice, we can not show all our gratefulness.

But there is one mission we ask the US to complete with us that we were unable to finish 70 years ago by the armistice agreement.

This mission of Republic of Korea is to liberate the North Korean slaves in the mass slaughter we face today. But another mission is for everyone to remember the Holocaust.
We hope to conclude this mission with the United States which globally stands for the value of human freedom and life. It is no longer possible to let the horrible things continue to happen in North Korea.  We believe simply letting the genocide continue is already a great evil act before God and humanity.

US and South Korea, after the Korean War, agreed to make South Korea the exhibition hall of liberal democracy. With the great help of the United States, Korea has been able to grow. It has become the foundation of the miraculous growth that Korea has achieved so far, and become the role model for the third countries in the world. As a result of this ROK-US alliance, we were able to maintain our freedom in the southern part of the peninsula.

The Republic of Korea, which was founded in 1948, has been the defense wall against threats by China and North Korea, and as a friend of the United States, to promote the greatness of liberal democracy.

However, Korea is facing now the most serious risks since its founding.
With persistent offensive strategies of North Korea and China, mysterious delusions have been secretly cultivated within the people for decades to harbor hate for liberal democracy and pursue communism. Currently, these deluded people are within all fields like education, politics, journalism, culture, and even in the government.

There is a cult group who pursue China and North Korea, with organized dominant position and have taken over the ROK by impeaching the president Park with fake news and systematical propagandas. The constitutionalism in ROK has collapsed. As a result of long-term strategic brainwashing through media and education, many people do not know the truth, and they are stirred up by lies.

The voice of those who know the truth is being blocked by all media.
ROK is in the early stages of fascism where the people that speak the truth get legally punished and get all kinds of false accusations. If this tragedy continues this way, the whole world will face serious consequences. It will not only be a failure to America’s free democracy exhibition, but also losing a battle against totalitarianism and communism of China and North Korea.  This may be able to bring sequential dominoes to free countries around the world fall into a communism and socialism state.

In this imminent situation, the reasons why we Korean civil activists participated in this JCPAC is clear. We want to solidify the Republic of Korea according to the values of liberal democracy written in the Korean Constitution.
So that we will be able to remove North Korean regime, which threatens freedom of US and the world with nuclear weapons and biochemical weapons.
We are eager to accomplish the basic mission required by the conscience of humanity to liberate the enslaved North Korean compatriots.
We also want to work closely with the United States to strengthen the value of the ROK-US alliance and settlement of freedom in the world.
By freeing North Korea and China, we want to dedicate ourselves to the world so that not a seed of totalitarianism and communism can be sown to this globe.
America has been leading the way for the freedom and prosperity of the history of mankind. The Republic of Korea is also eager to stand with the US and contribute.

We are moving with three basic values: pro-American, pro-Christian, anti-communist.

We now are greatly worried about the actions of Moon Jae-In-illegal-regime and left-wing civic groups in ROK because they are trying to dismantle the ROK-US alliance and international liberal alliance. Therefore, we civil social activists are trying to help strengthen the ROK-US alliance in all possible ways. One of the way, we hope to have a network with civil social activists in the United States and Japan for joint action.
Although the regime is short, the life expectancy of civil social organizations is very long.
The ties between Korea, the United States, Japan and democratic civic groups will be a great help to the three countries.

As the United States is becoming great again, we hope the Republic of Korea can also become a great nation and a stronger ally of the United States as a partner to take part in great work of the United States in the world. We hope to do everything we need to do.

We would like to conclude with Korean president Syngman Rhee’s words to US presidential envoy Richard Nixon shortly after the Armistice Agreement.

“In order to liberate the North Korean compatriots of slavery,
I will do it in a peaceful way,
However, if necessary,
I will use military force to achieve unification.
I think it is my duty as a leader of the Korean people. “

May God Bless America and Korea
Thank you

South Korean People for free democracy