KA4Trump Letter to Steve Bannon

Dear Mr. Bannon,
Today’s unique and fluid political atmosphere gives the Trump administration a historic opportunity to win back the Asian American vote.
Conservative principles resonate with Asian Americans because we are family oriented, hardworking, and self-reliant. Many of us have family histories tinged by the irrevocable tragedies of communism. We understand how deadly a reliance on central planning can be. We know that rather than lifting up all citizens equally as they promise, communist and socialist regimes help government officials at the expense of the people.
Asian Americans are capitalists– many of us are small business owners that understand the value of thrift and perseverance. The majority of us are also God-fearing, church-going people. Asian Americans voters should be a slam dunk for the party of Trump.
President Trump has done so much for us already. He’s shored up the federal judicial system with a healthy influx of conservative judges. ISIS is on the run and demoralized– transformed into losers by Secretary of Defence James Mathis’s stoic and Clausewitzian take on asymmetric warfare.
Government departments have been streamlined and made more efficient. Regulations have been rolled back at a rate unprecedented in the modern era. President Trump has rallied an incredibly diverse Republican party around a historic tax cut and has already supercharged the economy to 3% growth for 3 quarters in a row– a feat never accomplished by Barack Obama during his problematic and uneven tenure. Most importantly, President trump has delivered economic victories to the forgotten men and
women of America.
The miners. Steelworkers. Auto-workers. Truckers. Famers, Oilers. Entrepreneurial dreamers. The liberal clutch on Asian American voters minds weakens with every superb economic report. In order to capitalize on this historic opportunity, the Trump administration must take a systematic approach to winning over Asian American voters.
We would like to formally invite President Trump to meet with Asian American
leaders for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. We understand that last year, our president met with African American leaders during African American heritage month, an act we commend, and would be infinitely grateful if a similar opportunity would be bestowed upon us.
We believe that there are two key issues that can help President Trump win more Asian American votes:
1. Lower Taxes Many Asian American voters are small business owners and entrepreneurs. Real, noticeable tax cuts would increase the economic incentive for Asian entrepreneurs and their families to vote Republican. A simplified tax code will also disproportionally help the Asian Americans that are still working hard to master
English. The trump administration should interview Asian American business owners that plan on expanding based on the progress the House and Senate have made on tax cuts.
2. Asian Quotas in the Ivy League
Harvard University is currently under investigation for limiting the number of accepted students from Asian backgrounds. This is clearly an illegal quota and was used in the past to keep students of Jewish descent out of the Ivy League. If President trump directed more attention to this issue, he could gain the favor of Asians who feel insulted by Harvard’s racist policies. President Trump has proven his ability to choose his
battles well– and we believe this issue would advance his war against hypocrisy in higher education.
We hope that you may be able to use your influence to sway the President into taking these actions.
Warm Regards,
Korean Americans For Trump