Five Reasons Pro-Life Leaders Are Thankful Donald Trump Is President

Pro-life leaders are expressing gratitude this Thanksgiving for Trump, referring to him as the “most pro-life president in modern history.”

Here are five reasons why pro-life activists are thankful for Trump:

1. Hillary Clinton did not get elected president.

Had Clinton been elected president in 2016, she would now be working to repeal the Hyde Amendment and American taxpayers would have been well on their way to paying for abortions. Planned Parenthood – despite allegations of the criminal sales of body parts of aborted babies – would have been granted even more taxpayer funding. In addition, the progressive narrative that unborn babies have no constitutional rights would become ingrained in the nation’s culture for decades to come.

“This Thanksgiving, I’ll be grateful for the countless children that the president’s actions have saved, first of all by keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House, and then by all the money he has kept out of the abortion industry nationally and internationally,” Father Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, tells Breitbart News.

Pavone explains:

I’m grateful for the strong boost he has given to the hearts and souls of pro-life people everywhere. I see it as I travel and interact with the movement. His clear words, his firm promises, and the actions he has already taken embolden pro-life activists in communities large and small to fight even harder and even more courageously.

Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, says Trump has not only “done more to protect pre-born babies than any other president,” but he has also done more to protect all human life.

“Trump has also protected American citizens by prosecuting the violent gang MS13 and he has continued to take a firm stand against North Korea’s nuclear aggression,” Newman observes. “Next year, I hope to see legislation that bans the funding of Planned Parenthood and indictments against their abortion providers who have illegally sold baby body parts for a profit.”