Trump’s Finest Hour: Fight for family, for freedom, for Country, and for God.

Obama lectured Christians, defended Islam, and apologized for America, for 8 long years.  Trump’s declaration, “We want God.” was glorious!   We love you, President Trump!

President Donald Trump always shines when the klieg lights are the brightest. On Thursday, Trump went to Poland and delivered a landmark speech in front of the Warsaw Uprising Monument in which he forcefully defended Western civilization and the values that bind its nation-states.

Before meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Trump also outlined the common threats the West must confront—like open borders and radical Islamic terrorism—and said the West must have the “will to survive” to ensure that those who “fought and bled and died for freedom” did not do so in vain. Vice President Mike Pence said that Trump “reaffirmed our nation’s commitment to be the leader of the free world.” Many saw the emergence of a  “Trump Doctrine.”


Source: Top 9 Highlights from Emerging Trump Doctrine: West Will ‘Never, Ever Be Broken’ – Breitbart