Korean-American Says NO to Sanctuary Cities

After some residents stormed out of Council Chambers, Los Alamos County Council decided Tuesday night to table a resolution that called for the just treatment of immigrants and refugees.

Council voted unanimously to send the resolution, written by Councilor Pete Sheehey, to be discussed and possibly modified by a council subcommittee.

Many residents who attended Tuesday’s public hearing were angry and said they feared Los Alamos National Laboratory might lose federal funding if council passed the resolution.

“For a resolution that supposedly does not change current policy, the timing could not be worse,” resident Lisa Shin told the council. “Just days ago, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that sanctuary cities risked punitive measures in addition to cuts in federal funding. If the intent of this resolution is for Los Alamos not to be a sanctuary city, then it should include specific language to clarify this fact.”

Others praised Sheehey and the council for bringing the resolution forward.

Source: Council tables immigrant resolution | LAMonitor.com