A Sovereign God Helped Trump Win

by Daniel Jang Choong Gook, Ph.D

 I was introduced to the Trump campaign HDQT at Trump Tower before the RNC convention through Trump’s Miss Universe PR company to which my daughter Rose Jang, a world-renowned crossover soprano belongs. Initially, the camp asked me to rally support among Korean-Americans.   Since then, I set up various colleagues such as Harold Pyon, a thirty year RNC veteran of the D.C. area, Richard Lee of NY-NJ, Pastor Peter Hwang and Young Park of Philadelphia, Additionally, I brought together these contacts with Dr. Lisa Shin  for President-Elect Trump on the West Coast. I coordinated them and gave advice to these colleagues for a most effective campaign for Mr. Trump. 

I coordinated with Ms. Monica Morrill, the PA Chairwoman. We discussed that the Trump AAPI would not only help Korean Americans but also Indian Americans in Pennsylvania. I also set up networking for approximately 150 Korean American pastors and community leaders in the Philadelphia area.   With the help of Pastor Peter Hwang, Pastor Jun Young Hyun, and about 300 Korean American Community Association leaders, we reached 4500 Korean American churches in the USA largely.  Pastor Joshua Jo was also a fine representative and worked tirelessly for the Trump Camp. All of these pastors reside in Philadelphia area. To these people, I sent numerous Trump campaign materials so that they could forward them to not only Korean Americans in the Philadelphia area but also nationwide.

By virtue of the importance of the Pennsylvania and Philadelphia area for this election, I ran a full page advertisement   10 times including articles. Furthermore, I arranged one radio interview for “Why Trump?”  Dr. Shin and many other Trump supporters nationwide used my Philadelphia ads and articles to persuade Korean Americans to gain support for  Trump. I paid for full page ads in The Korea Daily Newspaper for NY-NJ, DC and the LA area.

In addition to these activities, I have over 2,000 personal email contacts to whom I sent out, sometimes several times a day, countless emails promoting Trump including prayer requests. At some point, Google even suspended my accounts as spam mail.

I have also coordinated and advised in the NY-NJ area, Richard Lee, Henry Kang, Englewood Cliff councilman Mark Park, Fa Park and Dr. Sungbae Ju. Mr. Richard Lee had performed 3 radio interviews for Mr. Trump.

The most worthwhile event that took place was the help of numerous pastors whom I personally know by praying and encouraging members to vote for Mr. Trump. God helped Mr. Trump through them. Thus, we shall call it a miracle