S. Korean Lefties More Dangerous than N. Korean Nuclear Arms

Open letter to Trump by Korean-American Trump supporter, Daniel Jang, PhD.

Dear Mr. Trump and His Policy Makers:

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Mr. Trump’s message and stance regarding South Korea during his campaign is unclear and ambiguous to many Korean-American voters. Accordingly, we would like to clarify some important points regarding South Korea that may assist the Trump Campaign. The citizens of South Korea and Korean Americans can be of great assistance to the United States. Since the United States has made so many sacrifices and helped so many Koreans during the Korean war, we would like to know how South Korean and Korean Americans may be of the greatest assistance to the U.S.

South Koreans are known to thank people not only with words but by their actions. When The United States liberated South Korea from Japanese imperialism, South Korea became the first and only capitalistic democratic country on the East Asian continent. South Korea accepted the U.S. capitalistic democracy and ideology as the best choice as a political and economic role model. South Koreans are proud of their achievements despite many hindrances from the North Korean communist military threats and South Korean leftists.

South Korea may bring many additional jobs and revenue to the United States by opening new manufacturing facilities in the U.S. KIA and Hyundai Motors have already opened automobile factories in Alabama and Georgia, respectively. Other South Korean companies, such as Samsung and LG, may be convinced to open large factories in the U.S. Additionally, South Korea may invest or open the Korean market for other types of US service companies in the fields of intellectual property, law firms etc. (Please refer to page 5 of “A Perspective” sheets enclosed concerning the increase of South Korean investments into the U.S.A.)

Mr. Trump’s idea of removing the U.S. Army from South Korea would be deleterious to the citizens of South Korea. It would, however, be beneficial to North Korea, South Korean leftists, and China. If the United States were to remove its forces from South Korea, then North Korea would most likely unify South Korea with North Korea under communist rule. This would be similar to the events in Vietnam that lead to communist rule. If this were to occur, one report states that there would be ten to twelve million executions. Over four million executions were witnessed after the downfall of South Vietnam.

Many Korean-Americans fled from the North Korean communists and immigrated to the United States of America. Most of them are Christians. Any policy that would threaten the security of the Korean peninsula would scare these Korean Americans and perhaps put lives into jeopardy. These Korean American immigrants are weary and truly believe that the atrocities that occurred in South Vietnam after they were taken over by communist rule could easily take place to their families still living in South Korea. Currently, there are approximately 2.5 million Korean Americans living and working diligently in the United States. A great majority of them own small businesses are in a position to influence their employees, which could account for 10 million votes. (See WSJ 8.22.2016 importance of Asian votes.)

If the Trump policy helps the communists, that will send them a false signal similar to the Acheson line under President Truman in 1950 that caused The Korean War. It would be devastating for Mr. Trump, Americans, and the Korean American immigrants who serve this nation.

On a side note, please remember that South Korea is on the frontline of the U.S. defense for the entire Asian continent and Pacific Rim.

Thank you very much for your help and Kind Regards.


Daniel Jang, PhD, America-Korea United for Trump/Pence