At Valley Forge, Donald Trump & Mike Pence Slam Obamacare

Trump supporter, Nick Xu, told Breitbart News that he is a legal Chinese immigrant to the United States and has been volunteering for two months on the Trump campaign. He said that he is a naturalized U.S. citizen.“I like his policy. I myself [am] an immigrant from China. I went to school in Russia,” said Xu, who added that he speaks Russian, Chinese and English. “I’m a immigrant. I’m a minority here, but I like his policy.”  Xu added that “the media has a lot of bias[ed] report[ing] on Trump. It’s not true. I watch his speech[es] myself on YouTube, you know the full speech. So I like his policy about, you know, bring[ing] back jobs, national security, you know, immigration, because the current administration, you know, put illegal immigrant[s] over legal immigrant[s] and I don’t like that. I went through the whole process. It took me eight years to get [a]green card and another five years to get citizenship. And I had to — I work, I pay tax.”

Source: At Valley Forge, Donald Trump & Mike Pence Slam Obamacare