All American Rally for Trump

The All American Rally for Trump was successfully held at the Independence Mall in Philadelphia on October 16 with participation from a number of groups.

Despite postponing the rally two times due to bad weather resulting from Hurricane Matthew, various groups including Hindus, Chinese Americans, Jewish groups, Hispanics, Whites, Haitians, Pakistani minorities, Muslims and African Americans participated in the rally.

The primary organizers of the rally were Satya Dosapati and Arvind Kumar who are Hindu activists with a history of organizing other rallies and protest events. They roped in Bruce Carter who is the founder of Black Men for Bernie for this event.

Satya Dosapati and Arvind Kumar were instrumental in bringing together several groups from various backgrounds to join them. Many participants who attended the rally came from other states and many participants represented hundreds of people from the groups to which they belonged.

“It was satisfying to see participants from different backgrounds coming from far away places such as Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee, DC and Puerto Rico and speak passionately why they believe Hillary is not the best candidate for the country and why Trump will be a refreshing change from political establishment ruining our country,” said Satya Dosapati.


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Source: All American Rally for Trump