I’m Asian, a woman and a proud Trump ‘deplorable’ | Fox News

by Ying Ma

I’m a woman, a racial minority, and an immigrant, and I grew up in inner-city America. I have two university degrees, one from Cornell University and another from Stanford Law School. I have worked for some of the most elite institutions in America, including a foreign policy organization that counts Chelsea and Bill Clinton among its members.  According to conventional wisdom, I have no business being a Trump supporter. Yet I have been an unabashed fan since Trump declared his candidacy for president. In fact, never in my life have I been this excited about a presidential nominee.

Strangers and friends alike have wondered how a highly educated Chinese-American woman could possibly support a man widely condemned as racist, sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic, and Islamophobic.

It is not that complicated, really. I like the candidate and what he stands for, and I reject the caricature propagated by the mainstream media and his opponents.

I believe this country needs bold change, not more of the same. Trump has promised to deliver.

Instinctively, I recognize in Trump the key ingredients that have made success possible in my own life. As a child of the ghetto, I succeeded in extracting myself—and my family—from urban dysfunction and decay not just because I worked hard but because I dreamt big, took risks no one I knew would take, and kept faith in America’s promise.

Trump’s story is wildly more successful and dramatic, but it resonates with me nonetheless. Since he declared his candidacy  he has defied the odds, upended the political order, and dared to envision a completely different America.

Certainly, he is a very flawed candidate. Recently released audio of a private conversation Trump had 11 years ago confirms him to be vulgar, narcissistic, and insecure.

Before that, his endless controversies on the campaign trail revealed a man who was thin-skinned, undisciplined, and immature.

Yet I believe this same man will overthrow—not just tinker with—the wretched political correctness that governs this country’s discussions and policies about race, ethnicity, gender, and other immutable characteristics.

He will fight for Americans in a way that Republicans and Democrats have long been afraid to do, and he will think big, act boldly, and choose common sense over ingrained practices.

Source: I’m Asian, a woman and a proud Trump ‘deplorable’ | Fox News

Ying Ma