How Would President Trump Deal with North Korea and China? 

Source: SLD Forum   by Danny Lam

China and Asia Policy in America is the preserve of a small cadre of Area Experts that has dominated the picture since Secretary Henry Kissinger re-established relations with China — after a purge of the last generation of “China Hands” was purged for having “lost” China.

If Donald J. Trump becomes President, he will be able to claim direct, personal experience in dealing with commercial Chinese interests successfully.

How will he deal with the Kissinger generation of East Asian experts?

Donald Trump made clear during the campaign that he is unsatisfied with the state of relations with allies like Japan, Korea, and peer competitors like China in trade and security.

For China, Trump is calling for renegotiating trade deals, appreciation of the Yuan, ending Chinese IP violations, and removing illegal export subsidies and unfair practices.

Trump is adamant that allies like Japan, Korea and SE Asian states have to carry more of a share of the defense burden.

It is increasingly likely that North Korea may have the capability to strike at CONUS with nuclear weapons by 2020.