Trump: the Clear Choice for Asian Pacific Americans


  • Donald J. Trump will revamp our economic policy to ensure that all Asian Pacific Americans can achieve the American dream.
  • Mr. Trump will provide tax relief to middle-class Americans and increase take-home pay, simplify the tax code to ease the burden on all Americans.
  • Our current trade policy allows countries like China and Mexico to take American jobs; Mr. Trump believes in restoring jobs which have been outsourced to foreign countries to ensure that every American, including every Asian Pacific American, can have a well-paying job.
  • Mr. Trump will close the tax code loopholes that corporations have exploited to dodge taxes. For too long, America has been losing to foreign interests but no more. Mr. Trump believes in America first, no exceptions.


  • Donald J. Trump understands the APA community’s need for high quality education, and that education is a student’s ticket to the American Dream.
  • Common Core, which the Democrat Party continues to push for, has taken control of education out of local school administrators in favor of DC bureaucrats.
  • Parents should also have the opportunity to choose the schools that their children attend: public, private, or charter. Mr. Trump is a strong supporter of school choice, which drives high standards and ensures that students are attending the best schools possible.
  • Mr. Trump firmly opposes the race-based standards imposed by affirmative action programs, which limit the potential of APA students and job-seekers.
  • To ease the burden of student debt, Mr. Trump will not allow the federal government to profit from student loans.


  • Donald J. Trump will fully repeal and replace the Obamacare disaster, which has driven up health care costs across the country.
  • A Trump administration will allow insurance companies to compete across state lines. Competition will decrease costs and increase quality of care.
  • Mr. Trump will promote tax-free Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and allow individuals to deduct health care payments from their tax returns.
  • To better provide for low-income Asian Pacific Americans’ health care needs, Mr. Trump will give control of Medicaid to the states, which are best equipped to administer these services.
  • For our APA veterans, Mr. Trump believes in fixing the broken VA system and paying private doctors to ensure that our heroes receive the proper treatment they deserve for defending our country.
  • To improve the affordability of prescription drugs, a Trump administration will reduce barriers to entry to a free market for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals.

Foreign Policy & Homeland Security

  • Donald J. Trump understands the importance of America’s safety and protecting our APA communities.
  • Under the Obama-Clinton foreign policy, America’s national security has been compromised and foreign aggression has increased. Radical Islam has become an international plague and many innocent lives have been lost.
  • By fixing our foreign policy and ramping our efforts against radical terrorists, we can ensure that the American homeland is kept secure. We will secure our borders to ensure that all Asian-Americans can prosper in a safe country, free from foreign criminal organizations and trafficking.


  • Donald J. Trump understands the importance of promoting legal immigration. Illegal immigration has cost American taxpayers billions and billions of dollars, and the failed Democrat administration has failed to deport illegal immigrants who have committed violent crimes, many of whom still roam the streets.
  • That’s why Mr. Trump believes in tripling the number of border agents to ensure that lawful citizens are protected.
  • A border wall will help restore the integrity of our borders and keep illegal aliens, criminal organizations, and contraband from crossing over.
  • A Trump administration will reform the broken visa program, which encourages American employers to choose foreign workers over domestic workers. Mr. Trump will always put American workers, including Asian Pacific American workers, first.

    Mr. Trump understands the importance of America’s growing APA community and will continue to work with the community as President to ensure that their American Dream is fulfilled.