Trump Delegate: “Proud of My Korean Heritage”

Monica Lee Morrill was an elected Delegate for Trump at the RNC from Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District. Monica ran a delegate campaign in the most competitive race in Pennsylvania, one of 15 candidates, and received the top vote for Delegate in District 12. She is the President and Co-founder of the Republican Women of Somerset County Council, she writes for SFPPR News & Analysis and other news venues, and is the co-author with Billy Vaughn of the book entitled BETRAYED: The Shocking True Story of Extortion 17 as Told by a Navy SEAL’s Father.

Monica’s ancestors are from European countries and Korea. Monica’s Korean grandmother migrated to the United States as a young lady to pursue a higher education and Monica has held a life-long respect for her Korean heritage. She consistently looks for ways to share her love for Korean people and other Asian Americans, for instance, while Monica was studying in England for several years she was part of the Korea Discussion Group at Chatham House in London. Monica is now honored to join the National Diversity Coalition for Trump and Korean Americans for Trump.

On her paternal side Monica’s ancestor, Abraham Morrill first came to America in 1632 and settled in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Morrills were involved in securing the United States’ Independence for a new nation based on government by and for the people.

Monica’s late relative, Justin Morrill, was among the first Republican U.S. Congressional group to be sworn into office in 1855. Congressman Morrill assisted Abraham Lincoln in getting elected in 1860 and was the longest serving Congressman in the 19th century. But what he is most known for is drafting the Morrill Act, which saved MIT, founded Penn State, Virginia Tech, Virginia State University and many other land-grant colleges in the United States and territories.

Monica has two bachelor degrees from another land-grant college, the University of California at Berkeley where she graduated with honors; and she has a Master’s of Art in International Relations from the University of Paris, Sud.

Monica began seriously studying and writing about the Morrill Act and other policies over 15 years ago. A Congressional House Resolution was proposed February of this year to honor Justin Morrill with the Congressional Gold Medal (it has not yet been formally voted on in Congress).

Monica has worked locally, nationally and internationally in politics. Monica, like her forebears, believes in serving as a voice of the people and honoring our Constitution while securing freedom for future generations. From now until November 8th she is focused on ensuring Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States.

© Monica Lee Morrill, 2016