Japanese American: “We need Donald Trump”

Source: Diversity Coalition for Trump Includes Asian Americans

“I have been a Trump supporter from the beginning,” Booth said. “I was very happy that someone outside the corrupt political establishment stepped up to lead our country out of the decline that Obama has caused over the last 7-1/2 years. Obama has ruled like a dictator and those of us that are not politically connected are fearful of retaliation if we speak out.

“Donald Trump is not afraid to speak out against Obama and says things that the rest of us are fearful to say. Donald Trump is a man of integrity and compassion, and like most Americans, cherishes family values. He has the intelligence and business acumen to go to work and break up the gridlock of our bloated, inefficient government bureaucracy. We the people have been pillaged by the political elite class, and although Obama didn’t create it, he accelerated the damage and continues pushing unconstitutional mandates that further strip our rights and individual liberties.

“Japanese Americans share the same values that hard work and determination will allow us to realize our dreams, but we are all shackled with regulations that don’t even make sense … I am in contact with Japanese in Hawaii and overwhelmingly they support Donald Trump. Small business owners and professionals have shifted from the liberalism of Democrats to conservative principles of the Republican Party.

“Border security, strong national defense, fiscal sensibility, economic growth, respect for our military, vets and police, smaller government and the rule of law are the desire we all have in common. With these values, new trade contracts with Japan and China will be more fair and equitable when negotiated by businessmen instead of political hacks …

“We need Donald Trump, a leader we can put our trust in that he will do what’s right for this country he loves.”