LA delegates join GOP Convention

from the Los Alamos Monitor

Two Los Alamos residents are among New Mexico’s contingent of delegates at this week’s Republican Convention. Lisa Shin is an elected delegate and Kelly Benner was chosen as an alternative delegate. Shin also has a three-minute speaking slot about midway through Thursday night’s program, which begins at 7 p.m. EDT. “I’m thrilled and honored, because I didn’t expect anything like that,” Shin said. “I thought there would be like elected officials. There’s so many people that they could choose from, and for me to be an outsider and unknown, just a layperson, it’s pretty incredible. So I’m pretty excited.”
Shin has created a website called Korean Americans for (Donald) Trump ( Shin is second generation Korean American. Her parents migrated to America about 40 years ago and became naturalized citizens.“That’s just something I started to try to get my message to Koreans, because I am Korean. And I want to give a positive message that Trump’s economic plan and proposals for job growth and better trade deals, I think these could really benefit the Korean community as well.”According to Shin, Asian Americans have historically had low voter turnout. One of her goals with the website is to get them more involved.
“I think it’s important to be politically engaged and be politically informed. It’s very important to participate in American democracy,” Shin said. “It’s such a privilege that we can do that, because there are other countries where citizens aren’t able to do that. The leaders are the leaders, and they get to govern and the citizens get very little influence on government.”
Shin hopes that being one of the conventions speakers will also engage Asian American citizens. “Because I think Asians will say, ‘Maybe I’ll look at that’ or ‘Maybe I should think about that.’” Shin said. “They’re not necessarily going to vote for Trump, but I think it at least it gets people thinking about politics and thinking about what’s important, what are the issues and what should we be working on?”