Meet the Republican Delegate Who Helped Found Korean Americans for Trump

by Chris Fuchs, NBC News

CLEVELAND, Ohio — On Thursday, when Donald Trump is expected to accept the GOP’s presidential nomination, New Mexico delegate Lisa Shin will take the stage at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, to talk about her immigrant parents and the American dream.

“I can’t believe they actually chose me, because to me there’s so many more qualified people,” Shin, a Korean-American optometrist and small business owner from Los Alamos, told NBC News Tuesday afternoon.

A life-long conservative born in the United States and elected as an at-large delegate in May, Shin has been attracting much attention lately, especially from Korean-language media, over her support for the real-estate mogul, she said. She joined the National Diversity Coalition for Trump and in April created her Korean Americans for Trump group, she said.

Shin hopes her efforts will convince Korean Americans to vote for Trump come November, but she faces an uphill battle. According to a survey of registered Asian-American voters released by nonpartisan advocacy groups in May, four out five respondents who identified as Korean had an unfavorable view of Trump — the highest number among all Asian-American ethnic groups.

“Of course, every Korean parent is thinking, I want a better life for my children than I had,” Shin said. “It’s the prosperity, it’s economic freedom, opportunity, wealth, the ability to acquire wealth — it’s very attractive, and I think Trump really aligns himself with that very powerfully.”

Shin said she understands how Trump’s rhetoric can anger some, from remarks he made accusing Mexico of sending people to America bringing drugs, criminals, and rapists, to his stance on banning Muslims from entering the country.

“If I had been Trump I would have probably said it maybe in a completely different way,” Shin said. “But he said it they way he did, and it got a lot of media attention.”