A Bernie Supporter Gets on the Trump Train

by  John Kim

I am an immigrant, a registered Democrat, and was a Bernie supporter in the recent Primary.  However, I have decided to support Mr. Trump over Hillary in the November  election.  I believe he will serve this country better as the next president who can bring some real changes to our misguided foreign policy.   He has presented a credible, wise vision for a new U.S. foreign policy that would re-affirm the original foreign policy wisdom of our founding father–George Washington. That wisdom is non-interference in internal affairs of other countries (“getting out of the nation-building business,” as Mr. Trump said) and making friends with all nations and peoples.

Although Hillary may have more experience in the foreign affairs, her past judgements and decisions have been disastrous from Iraq to Libya, Syria, Honduras, and Korea.

She is a dangerous hawk who, if elected, will continue to wage unnecessary wars around the world–bringing about further death, destruction and chaos around the world.

It is about time that the American people “make America great again” by reforming our government as a real republic and upholding the original values of our founding fathers. I believe Mr. Trump is the best candidate who can bring such a change to this nation at this critical juncture.