Trump Champions Korean-American Values

by Paul Lim

It is unquestionable that the values supported by Donald Trump’s campaign, not Hillary Clinton, represent the core values of Korean Americans across the country.  To be clear, there is a vocal elite leftist minority that purports to represent Korean Americans.  However, they do not reflect the vast majority of hard-working Korean Americans who toil each day running, their stores and businesses day and night, while a putting in extra hours each week at serving and worshipping at their Korean American churches.  Trump will champion the Korean-American community in the following areas:


Immigration: Korean Americans do not support illegal aliens entering the US unchecked. Hillary’s policy of open door immigration and amnesty spits in the face of many first generation Korean Americans who came to this country LEGALLY after spending thousands of their own dollars and waiting many years to obtain a coveted immigrant visa.  These LEGAL Korean immigrants came to the US, often with nothing but a dream, and through their own ingenuity, tenacity, and hard work, created a better life for themselves their children (who, ironically, are often Hillary supporters after being indoctrinated by liberals at elite institutes of higher learning).

By supporting blanket amnesty and illegal immigration Hillary Clinton again indicates that she believes there are two sets of laws, one set for her and her supporters, and one set for everyone else, including those Korean Americans who LEGALLY immigrated to the US.

Donald Trump will end the unregulated open borders and will guarantee that the hard work and sacrifice of Korean American immigrants is never disrespected by illegal alien line-cutting.

Government Regulation: A vast number of Korean Americans are self-employed.  Having come to the United States with nothing but smarts and an inexorable work ethic, many Korean Americans have become small business entrepreneurs who, like Trump, have put their own money and security on the line in order to succeed in business.

However, it is becoming increasing difficult for small business owners to succeed because of the stifling regulations that strangle cash flow and require huge amounts of time to ensure compliance.

Donald Trump believes that removing regulations for small businesses will allow small businesses to become dynamos of our economy and help small business entrepreneurs, such as many Korean Americans, to succeed.


Family Values: Based on research conducted by the non-partisan group Pew Research and the US Census, a full 74% of Korean Americans attend church at least weekly. Of those that do, a majority identify as Evangelical and/or Protestant Christians. Hillary Clinton does not represent the values of Evangelicals such as the Right to Life.  Unlike Clinton, Donald Trump is on record as supporting the Right to Life.  In addition, he has vowed to protect Christianity at home and abroad and allow Christianity back into the public arena (such as making it okay to say “Merry Christmas” again).


Taxes: Donald Trump has vowed to lower the tax burden on businesses and the middle class, while simplifying the tax code. Mr. Trump believes that people should not be penalized for their success with undo taxation. Korean Americans represent a significant bloc of middle class small business owners who stand to benefit the most from Donald Trump’s tax policy and as such, Donald Trump, much more so than Hillary Clinton, reflects Korean American values regarding taxation.  In contrast, Hillary Clinton supports a heavily progressive tax burden which will see those in the bottom not taxed at all while those small business owners who work hard to succeed are penalized for their success through higher taxation.


Meritocracy: As stated in many ways in his RNC speech, Donald Trump believes in meritocracy. Korean Americans believe in merit over ascribed success, which is self-evident by their over-representation in high barrier arenas such as medicine, law, and business, and by their over-representation at elite academic institutions.  They do this even despite the reverse discrimination present in all of these areas.  It is a fact that due to Korean American overachievement, elite institutions and professional programs throttle the number of Korean Americans in favor of “underprivileged” minorities.  Donald Trump values meritocracy over socially engineered politically correct “diversity”. He hires the best person for the job.  This is a value shared by the vast majority of Korean Americans.


Political Correctness: Donald Trump does not abide by political correctness, and neither do Korean Americans. The lack of political correctness of many Korean American parents has become the butt of their children’s jokes. The Korean culture is straight forward.  Often times, it is normal for a Korean to simply state to someone who appears to have gained weight that he or she has gotten fatter. This is not being mean.  It is just the statement of a fact.  Hillary Clinton represents the opposite of this type of straightforward thinking and does not reflect Korean American values.  In contrast to Mr. Trump and Korean Americans, Ms. Clinton represents “safe spaces” and a victim-mentality where everyone is offended.

Korean Americans believe that no one has a right not to be offended and that people do not get an award for “participation”. Korean Americans value strength in the face of adversity, not an appeal to hurt feelings in the face of adversity.