Asian American Coalition for Trump Platform

Asian-American Coalition for Trump Platform

The National Diversity Coalition for Trump (NDC) represents a diversity of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Within the NDC, there is a dynamic group of Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, and Filipino Americans who support Trump, with great enthusiasm. This Asian-American Coalition shares Trump’s vision to strengthen communities through economic revitalization and protection of faith and family values.

The Asian-American Coalition for Trump will reach out to our respective ethnic communities with a positive, compelling message for Trump. Our Coalition is deeply encouraged by the RNC’s initiative to engage the Asian and Pacific Islander communities where they “live, work, and worship,” as well as understand their specific needs and perspectives.

The following points reflect a beginning platform for the Asian-American Coalition for Trump:

1. The Economy: Economic opportunity is the primary driver for Asian immigration. After all, America offers more economic and social mobility than any other country in the world. Only Trump preserves the American dream that immigrants left everything to achieve. We greatly appreciate the business perspective that he brings to the table. As a successful job creator, he has the skills and talent necessary to restore our economic standing in the world. Our latest jobs report of 94 million unemployed Americans is unacceptable and unsustainable. Trump’s proposals to curb government over-regulation, lower the corporate tax rate, and negotiate mutually beneficial trade deals will undoubtedly move our country in the right direction.

2. Education:  Educational success is closely tied to both economic prosperity and social mobility. The opportunity for high quality, affordable education is of utmost importance to the Asian-American community. When it comes to education, parents, not a government bureaucrat, must have the final say.   We support the proven principles of individual choice, personal responsibility, competition, & state/local control. Trump’s college reform ideas and free market approach to higher education are excellent. They will lower the cost of education and student debt, while maintaining quality by forcing schools to compete.

3. Small Business: Of all the ethnic groups, Asian-Americans are the most likely to be self-employed and own a small business. The American system of free enterprise and entrepreneurship are truly extraordinary. Trump’s plan to simplify the tax code and ease the regulatory burden on small businesses, would significantly benefit the Asian small business community. Asian-Americans would be able to keep more of the fruits of their labor, expand, invest, and create more jobs.

4. Religious freedom: Asians have been the unfortunate victims of religious persecution, all over the world. Therefore, Asian-Americans place a high value on religious freedom. All peaceful expressions of faith should be respected & have equal protection under the First Amendment. As of 2012, there were an estimated 7,123 Asian American ethnic churches and at least 42% of Asian Americans profess to be evangelicals. Christian faith plays a large role in Asian culture and community. Therefore, we greatly appreciate Trump’s promise to uphold the right of people to freely practice their faith, without being penalized or silenced.

5. Family values.  The Asian culture places a strong emphasis on family relationships. We agree with Trump that “marriage and family are the building blocks of happiness and success.” We, as a society, must do everything possible to treasure our children and support our families.

6.  Islamic terrorism.  Asians were among the victims of Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, and San Bernardino. Although the primary responsibility of the government is to protect its citizens, the current administration is more concerned about Islamophobia than about Islamic terrorism. We fully support Trump’s proposal to pause all immigration from terrorist-dominated countries. We also support an immediate halt to Syrian refugee resettlement.  We propose targeted assistance, specific to regions in the Middle East.

7. Illegal immigration. America’s generous immigration policies have allowed millions of Asians to become citizens and live the American dream. A fair and properly enforced immigration system has the potential to grow our economy and create jobs. However, massive, unrestrained levels of illegal immigration have a negative impact on national security, personal safety, education, health care, jobs, wages, and the welfare system.

We fully support Trump’s proposals to strengthen border security and change policies on sanctuary cities. We ought to scrutinize the employer-driven market for unlawful labor practices, and propose effective solutions. Amnesty is not the answer, but we support reforms that would streamline and simplify the legal path to citizenship. We would like to see changes to the current immigration system that have bipartisan support in Congress, as well as broad political consensus among the American people.