Islamic Jihadists Vote for Hillary

Who will the Islamic terrorists in our midst cast their vote for?   Which presidential candidate will make it easier for the Islamic Jihad to accomplish their goal of world dominance?   It’s Hillary and only Hillary.  Here’s why:

  1. Islamic terrorists want a President who is reluctant to say the words, Islamic terrorism. Following our Muslim Sympathizer-in-Chief, Hillary has declared, “I refuse to call this, radical Islam because it sounds like we are declaring war against a religion. ” Contrast this with President Francois Holande’s calling out the enemy, by name:  “We will show no mercy to the barbarians of the Islamic state.”
  2. Hillary is far more concerned about protecting Muslims from Islamophobes, than about protecting Americans from Islamic terrorists.   Just like Loretta Lynch, who after San Bernardino, vowed to prosecute those who use “anti-Muslim” speech.After Orlando, she said that the “most effective response to terror and to hatred is compassion, it’s unity, and it’s love.”  Of course, the Extremists taking cover within the Muslim community want Hillary as President.  Islamic terrorists are laughing like crazy at us.
  3. Hillary is a puppet for and beholden to countries that promote radical schools, mosques, and Sharia law.   Her policies will be directly shaped and guided by those who have lined her pockets with millions.  She is Saudi Arabia’s preferred, bought-and-paid-for presidential candidate.  Therefore, she will not take the French approach of raiding and closing down mosques who teach extremist views.
  4. Hillary will take away the only means Americans have of defending themselves against blood-thirsty Jihadists.   These barbarians took the lives of 130 unarmed citizens in a gun-restricted Paris.   Under Hillary’s Supreme Court, more Second Amendment rights will be under attack.
  5. Hillary supports the Syrian refugee resettlement program, which is the Trojan horse for Islamic terrorists.
  6.  Hillary’s end game is open borders. ISIS will absolutely love her for it.  With Hillary as President, drug cartels and criminals will continue to take advantage of our porous borders and our lax enforcement of immigration laws.

Religious extremism, bred by the darkest fringe elements in Islam, is the most catastrophic enemy facing us today.  Dealing with that monstrous and inevitable crashing wave has to come before absolutely anything else.  says a Trump-supporting Muslim reformer who tells it likes it is.

Make no mistake, a President Hillary will not take aggressive action against this religious extremism.  She will continue to pander to the Muslim community, and bring at least 65,000 unvetted, Syrian refugees onto U.S soil.  When American lives had been so brutally taken, she blamed an anti-Muslim video.  So she will continue to tell us that Islamophobia is the problem.  No doubt about it, ISIS will be dancing in the streets and overjoyed if Hillary becomes President.  Mark my words, Americans will continue to pay the price, with their very lives.