Korean Americans for Trump Meet Chinese Americans for Trump

by Lisa Shin

Contrary to the notion that Trump is a divider, I witnessed the most amazing and wonderful display of unity in Los Angeles, CA.   Culturally, the Koreans and Chinese share much in common.   However, feelings of animosity and hostility between the ethnic groups remain strong in some communities.   Powerful support for Donald Trump brought a Jewish-American, Korean-Americans and Chinese-Americans from all over the country, together.  Chinese-Americans detailed the personal meeting with their hero.    Tian-Tian Wang has taken grass roots driven political activism to a whole new level.   I was deeply inspired by his passion, enthusiasm, and leadership.   He has masterfully tapped into the power of WeChat to reach many thousands, if not millions, with his message, and mobilize them.  It really goes to show how one activist can brilliantly shift public opinion, stop legislation, and literally change the outcome of elections.   The  Jeb Bush methods of campaigning are dull, boring, irrelevant, and ineffective.