The Lunacy of Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck, the prominent, conservative talk show host, has made many controversial statements over the years.  Since he has embraced the #NeverTrumpers, he has become unhinged, increasingly troubled, and has clearly gone off the deep end.   Here’s just 2 of his outrageous statements.

1.   Ted Cruz is the fulfilment of Mormon prophecy. Mormons believe in a prophecy that the Constitution will hang by a thread in the last days.   Cruz and Lee will save it.

He also said the Book of Mormon was created as a guide on how to protect freedom in our day. At the Provo rally, many responded yelling, “I believe.

While I agree that the Constitution has been under attack under the Obama administration,   I seriously question divine revelation apart from Holy Writ.

2.   Real Christians don’t support Trump.   He recently declared,

No Christian, no real Christian — I don’t mean a judgmental Christian, I mean somebody who is living their faith — no real Christian says, ‘I want that guy, that guy is for me…I’ll take on the Jews, and I’ll take on the Lutherans, and I’ll take on the Catholics, and I’ll take on the Mormons,” he said. “I’ll take them all on. You’re damn right. Where are you? You’re not living your principles.”

The important issue here, is the fact that Mormonism is a departure from the core, historic doctrines of the Christian faith.    While I do believe there are genuine Christians in the Mormon Church, many of their beliefs run counter to clear Biblical truths and cannot go unchallenged.   Mormonism rejects the Trinity, the Deity of Christ and instead embraces a curious form of polytheism.

Evangelical Christians have long overlooked Glenn Beck’s Mormonism for his conservative values.   But now, if he has the gall to condemn them as “not real” for supporting Trump, then they need to turn around and ask Glenn Beck, “Are you a real Christian?”

A number of evangelical Christians who live in the South are also critical of Beck’s fusion of theology and politics.
Such as Aime Molina: “I was offended by Glenn Beck’s comments, as I was by Romney’s speech several weeks ago. ‘My God’ doesn’t tell me how to vote…I believe God expects me to be involved in the political process for the good of His people and the advancement of His Kingdom.   I believe I am called to vote according to the morals and teachings of Jesus. I believe we should vote for the candidate who will enforce the expectations of personal accountability for one’s life and actions, and the protection of our Country and its citizens.”

And Stephani Scruggs: “Say what you want, but as a Southern Christian, I’m pretty sure my God doesn’t like politicians behaving like diamond pinky ring wearing TV preachers telling lies and trying to guilt people into donating their dollars to false causes,”

And Pastor Gallups: “We can’t live on a hill with a white robe and a halo over our heads saying, ‘I’m going to be separate from it all,’” he said. “To Christians who say, ‘I can’t vote for Donald Trump because his moral rectitude doesn’t measure up to mine,’ here’s my question: ‘Who do you work for? Do you work for the school system? Do you work for a corporation? Do you work for a law firm? Do you work for a government office? Are your bosses all in line with your views? Why don’t you quit? Why don’t you vote your conscience?’  Don’t be self-righteous about who is going to be president and live the rest of your life making compromises every day. People have got to wrap their heads around reality. We live in Babylon.


There is hope for Glenn Beck.   Generally, lunatics cannot keep their supporters.  He finally admitted that he has been wrong about Trump. “I will tell you this. The secret behind Donald Trump, because I have been wrong about Donald Trump every step of the way,” said Beck. “I just didn’t think that this would work. I just didn’t think people would take him seriously. I thought people would have a problem with some of the things that he said,” Beck continued. “But they haven’t. And when you see that the Bernie Sanders people are now saying a quarter of them, in some polls, are saying that they will come over to Donald Trump, it’s not about Marxism, it is not about capitalism, it is not about policy, it is about destroying the system that has been lying to us on both sides for as long as I’ve lived.”  Beck said the democrats and republicans are both out of touch with voters, hence the revolt and deep following of candidates like Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders.