He is the Best Candidate for the Job by Dr. Kun Kim


“Why I Support Trump:  part 3.   He is the Best Candidate for the Job” By Dr. Kun Kim.

Trump is right on the crucial issues of education and health care. On education. Donald Trump said he will abolish Common Core and let States educate. I totally agree that education must be a local issue. On health care, Donald Trump said that he will dismantle Obamacare and expand Health Saving Accounts.  He will also remove cross-state barriers, so that competition fosters quality and lowers costs.  I totally agree. Federal rules and mandates for anything, let alone health care just doesn’t work. At the same time, he won’t abandon the retirees and the Veterans.

Consider this: With the wealth and life that he has built at his age, he could have easily gone off into sunset to enjoy life to the fullest. But he chose to do something great for the love of his country and for his grandchildren. Compare that to Socialist Bernie Sanders and a career politician criminal-Hillary Clinton. We have a clear choice!

Probable Democratic nominee Hillary has been in public service for 35 years now. Someone please name me ONE accomplishment she has made during her time in order to make one American life better. She talks the big talk but what exactly did she do for women’s issues, jobs, etc., etc. The answer is nothing. She is bought by all kinds of people with special interests.  Our foreign enemies to Wall Street has bought her. Please read the book, “Clinton Cash,” if in doubt.

Obama administration has appointed about 40% of jurists across the country during his 8 years and 2 Supreme Court justices. Next administration will likely appoint as many jurists and probably 3 Supreme Court justices. This is the most paramount reason in supporting Donald Trump for presidency if we want any resemblance of America we love 20, 50, 100 years later. The court has been leaning more and more liberal and social and legal issues has been going left for dozens of years.

As a conservative, this election couldn’t be more important for this long range problem.

Donald Trump is not a perfect candidate. But for this election cycle, he is the best candidate for the job. He is strong, bold, and gets his message across to a wide range of voters. He is a true statesman and a masterful communicator. The existing political structure in America is upset and threatened by a Trump presidency. Why? No more business as usual for those who are bought by special interest groups and wish to keep their power by pandering to their voting blocks. What he wants is putting America before anything else.

Clearly, he is the American patriot that we need as President.