Freedom over Tyranny by Dr. Quinn Kwocke Nii


Mr. Trump said that he would protect religious freedom at Liberty University.   Persecution of Christians in Asian countries is on the rise.  

Why I Support Trump: Freedom over Tyranny by Dr. Quinn Kwocke Nii

The strength of conviction to do the right thing, despite mistakes and set backs, can either develop a person or lead to defeat.  Naturalized citizens have embraced the bold American spirit of being an American because they truly want to be, not because they were born here or had American parents.  

All the rhetoric in the world with lofty words and intentions do not equal a person who has been there, has experienced tyranny, and is now immersed into freedom.

Hence, our historical post-war experience, to me, may show that even in defeat, we were right. When one understands history and appreciates culture from a conservative perspective; they achieve a sense of fullness.

What I would like to see

  1. Legal robust Immigration
  2. Fair US-China Trade reform
  3. Strong support for Veterans and Exceptional Defense
  4. Reinforcement of our Second Amendment Rights
  5. Economic Tax reform
  6. A shift in societal and government perceptions of Trump’s proposals, not clouded by liberal bias.
  7. More bi-lateral communication between private-public dialogue at colleges, corporations, news media and political think tanks
  8. More engagement over the critical judiciary, common sense issues.

Mr. Trump’s commitment to “Making America Great Again” mirrors my experience as legal immigrant and I can attest to the hard work of my family. My personal story of survival, hard work and persistence parallels Mr. Trump’s bold vision for America.

Together, let’s make America that shining country that she once was.


Liberty University has always championed religious freedom around the world


With Dr. Jerry Falwell, an early supporter of Mr. Trump. He called Mr. Trump, “one of the greatest visionaries of our time.”