The Right Ideas Lead to the Right Outcomes by Dr. Quinn Kwocke Nii


More so than any other political candidate in American history, Donald Trump is guided not by political goals but by ideas.  I am confident that the right ideas will lead over time to the right political outcomes. Among his 5 core reform principles are a firm belief in constitutional government; a conviction that freedom produces prosperity, opportunity for all Americans of a safe and a civil society; and a belief in a transcendent moral order coupled with personal responsibility with strong family values and enduring winning principles of fairness and balance.

My outlook has been much influence by conservative principles towards public service as an Asian American striving for equal opportunities and leadership. Meeting Mr. Trump the first time in 1998 at the ESPY awards In New York City provided my first real interaction and glimpse of an American success story. Fast forward in 2016, volunteering and being around like-minded individuals and groups that influence Mr. Trump’s policies and shaping through public service on a daily basis are the center piece of my active involvement and continued interests in advancing a winning campaign towards political causes.   My work with the Hawaii campaign and national campaign have shaped my dedication to Team Trump via the Asian Pacific Coalition.   I attended Trump’s Virginia rallies, which powerfully reflected the excitement of “Making America Great Again”.

Furthermore, I have participated in the East-West Center’s an international grantee fellowship. My record of service and initiatives cannot express the passion I have to further develop my leadership abilities.  I hope to find opportunities in which to contribute to bridge the western and eastern values together.  This determination has grown out of my childhood home of experiencing both hardship and triumph, coupled with the combination of relentless tenacity and persistence.  These are the greatest assets I bring to advance, equip and represent as Trump delegate at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Dr. Quinn Nii was elected as a RNC Trump delegate in April 2016. Congratulations to him!