A Pro-life Korea

Recently, I watched the K-drama series, “Fated to Love You.”   It’s a modern Cinderella story of sorts, with a poor girl finding love and happiness with a rich guy.  What was remarkable about this drama, was the inescapable pro-life message.   The couple accidentally has a one night stand, and decides that she should have an abortion.   Apparently, abortions are only allowed for special circumstances, with no Planned Parenthood there.  She’s in the hospital, and he realizes that they must not end the life of their baby.   It’s a frantic scene:  he jumps over hospital furniture, moves in acrobatic fashion, and pushes everyone aside.  His mother appears and cries, “how could you be so cruel to my one and only grandchild?”  To which, he gleefully announces that the baby has been saved.   The doctor laughs, “Most couples who see the ultrasound cannot go through with the abortion…”

It’s no surprise that pro-life sentiments run deep, as S. Korea places an extremely high value on families.   You could say, it’s a “child-centric” culture.   In fact, it’s all about the children.  A woman is often addressed as her child’s mother.   Even the Korean age system implies that life begins at conception.  Progressives like to talk about “social justice,” but what about justice and protection for the voiceless?   Oh, I forgot, Hillary said the unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.  But surely, we should celebrate life and cherish our children, even before they are born.   Unless we support a pro-life culture, the inevitable effect of our moral decline will be a culture of death.