7 Reasons to Vote for Trump


1. Hillary Clinton is a direct threat to the American dream of economic prosperity, opportunity, and freedom that our parents & grandparents envisioned for us.  Under a  Hillary Clinton presidency, big money and special interests would guide our policies and actions.  It’s guaranteed that she would sell out American interests to foreign entities.  We would have a President with a proven track record of failure when it came to protecting American lives.   The Supreme Court would never be the same.  Conservative causes could be permanently lost.   Corruption would be taken to astonishingly new levels.   Hers would be a legacy of scandals, lies, and shameless cronyism.

2.  America’s economic prosperity is our economic prosperity.   Forced income redistribution and expanded welfare are not the answers.   Donald Trump’s proposals to bring back American jobs and protect American interests, will benefit the Korean-American community.

3.  As President, Trump will take strong measures to secure our borders and protect us from danger.  This is not the time for pandering, PC, and political games.  With Hillary, welcome to an America with open borders.   National security and our safety are foundational to our ability to live the American Dream.

4.  Korean-Americans have greatly prospered and benefited from America’s generous immigration policies.  Therefore, we should support the legal path towards American citizenship, which is an earned privilege, not a demanded right.

5.   When it comes to health care and education, Trump supports the proven principles of free market, competition, individual choice, state control, and personal responsibility.

6.  We need a shrewd businessman committed to revitalizing our economy, decreasing our national debt, and creating jobs.    We’re tired of the gross incompetence and lack of common sense on Capitol Hill.

7.  We must reject Hillary Clinton’s plans to fundamentally transform America into a socialist regime.